Seeking Enlightenment Hat by Hat

Published 2006

In the expert hands of fourteen unsurpassed storytellers, being a housewife takes on a whole new meaning.  Get ready for a lethal mix of meddling mothers-in-law, creepy neighbors, cheating husbands, fickle female friends, careers left behind, out-of-control kids, steamy sex, and much, much more in this thrilling collection of never-before-published stories!  Stories by Nevada Barr, Barbara Collins, Carole Nelson Douglas, Eileen Dreyer, Vicki Hendricks, Suzann Ledbetter, Elizabeth Massie, Christine Matthews, Denise Mina, Marcia Muller, Sara Paretsky, Nancy Pickard, S. J. Rozan, and Julie Smith.

"Deadly Housewives was a sheer delight to work on and to read.  There is something so satisfying about committing murder in new and entertaining ways.  Many die in this anthology and all deserved their ends.  They had it coming.  The bastards deserved what they got.  They got it in spades and bits of lead and toxic mixtures; they got it by surprise and with forewarning and when they least expected it.  There was no quarter given, no prisoners taken, no forgiveness, no salvation.  And, now and again, isn’t that just what a girl needs?"