Seeking Enlightenment Hat by Hat

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Published 2003

In Seeking Enlightenment, Hat by Hat, the author of the New York Times--bestselling Anna Pigeon mystery series beckons readers to share her spiritual search for meaning in life.  During her years as an actor, a writer, an adventuress, a nonbeliever, and a seeker of truth and amusement, Nevada Barr has been cursed and blessed with the question of "Why?" ......

"There have been many Sunday mornings when the only reason I attended church was to wear a particularly wonderful hat I had come across in the dusty back room of Grandma's Attic.  Usually these Sundays, the ones when sloth, busyness, or distraction made me want to stay home, were the very days I most needed to be among the community, singing and praying and thinking on what really matters.

I chose the Episcopal church over a temple, mosque, or churches inhabited by Presbyterians, Catholics, or Baptists because it was close to my apartment and, the evening the whim came upon me to turn to God, the front doors were unlocked.  I didn't come to worship, I came because I was lonely, frightened, and desperately unhappy."