Winter Study

Published 2008

Number 14 in the Anna Pigeon series.

Due to the disruption of Hurricane Katrina which sent Nevada in exile from her New Orleans home, the next Anna Pigeon was long in coming.  However, within four days of its release, Winter Study joined previous Anna Pigeon novels on the New York Time Bestseller list.

The New York Times Book Review: "Walking in the woods with the tough-as-boots park ranger Anna Pigeon is always a pleasure, even when these companionable hikes turn into bone-rattling cliffhangers.  Barr has real feeling for creatures who live in the wild, especially women who can't be tamed."

It is January, and Park Ranger Anna Pigeon is sent to Isle Royale in Lake Superior to learn about managing and understanding wolves, as her home base of Rocky Mountain National Park might soon have its own pack of the magnificent, much maligned animals.  She's lodging in the island's bunkhouse with the famed wolf study team, along with two scientists from Homeland Security, who are assessing the study with an eye to opening the park in the winters--an act that would effectively bring an end to the fifty-year project.

Soon after Anna's arrival, the wolf packs under observation begin to behave in peculiar ways ...

The author on her way to Isle Royale in January to research Winter Study!