Blood Lure

Published 2001

The laws of nature take a terrifyingly murderous turn when Anna returns to the West where she is sent on a training assignment to study grizzly bears in Waterton/Glacier National Peace Park.

Blood Lure, set in Glacier/Waterton National Peace Park, is the ninth in the Anna Pigeon series. 

"I'd been sniffing around Glacier for several years when Dave Mihalic, a friend of mine and, at the time, Superintendent there, invited my husband and me on a hike.  I had a wee plot in mind which was blasted away as soon as I arrived, by a marvelous reality.  I fell in love with a bear DNA research project the park was in the midst of.  The story for Blood Lure was born out of the disgusting mix of cows' blood and fish guts the researchers keep simmering in a brew shed and use to attract grizzlies to their hair traps."



Glacier high country.  Hell, it's ALL high country. 


The meadow by Fifty Mountain Camp.


Grizzly tracks worn in the moss beside a flavored scratching tree.


 Kate Kendall and me at Glacier.  Kate's the Bear DNA woman -- intellectually, not structurally.

The burn that took much of Flat Top Mountain, including Fifty Mountain Camp.