Nevada Barr 07 Liberty Falling

Liberty Falling

Published 1999

Anna's beloved sister, Molly, falls ill, and Anna rushes to New York city to be by her side.  She stays with friends on Ellis Island while she waits out Molly's ordeal. A young girl falls to her death when exploring the Statue of Liberty ... or was she pushed?

Liberty Falling, the seventh in the Anna Pigeon series, is set at the Statue of Liberty and on Ellis Island where urban crime and politics collide with history.

"In my previous incarnation as an actor, I lived in New York City for six years acting a little and waiting tables a lot.  (At the Cockeyed Clam, Dickie Smothers once left me a two dollar tip; yet another brush with fame.)  I loved the city and wanted to transport Anna there.  My chance came when a girlfriend was transferred to Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island National Monuments.  She introduced me to the backside of Ellis, a gigantic urban ruin creaking with history, ghosts and possibilities."



An Author researches


The old morgue at Ellis Island Hospital


Left:  One of the many glass corridors at Ellis.  The hospital, built at the turn of the century, embraced the revolutionary new concept that light and air were good for people.  Right:  Ellis Island's psych ward