Nevada Barr 06 Blind Descent

Blind Descent

Published 1998

Anna swallows her paralyzing fear of small spaces and descends into Lechuguilla to help a friend in need.  Worse than the claustrophobia that haunts her, are the signs--some natural and some, more ominously, manmade--that not everyone is destined to emerge from this wondrous living tomb alive.

Blind Descent, the sixth in the Anna Pigeon series, is set in Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Lechuguilla, the cave the action takes place in has been largely fictionalized both for plot and because, to preserve it, the NPS has closed the cave to visitors. Blind Descent was nominated for an Anthony Award.


Left:  After a descent of eighty feet or so and a slither down a black crevasse, is a manhole cover--the entrance to Lechuguilla.  Not unlike entering the world of the Morlocks in H.G. Wells "Time Machine."
Right:  Descending from the world of the living ...


Me and Dale Pate, Carlsbad's cave guy, at Ogle Cave


You never know just what you'll find under a rock!