Nevada Barr 05 Endangered Species

Endangered Species

Published 1997

Time is weighing heavily on Anna while she waits out a stint of fire detail on Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia, when a a plane crash in the inland thickets calls her and her crew to duty.  The flames are quickly extinguished, but suspicions begin to smolder over the cause of the accident...

Endangered Species, set on Cumberland Island National Seashore, is the fifth in the Anna Pigeon series.  Cumberland is an area where many things come together: sea and land, old wealth and new public lands, residents and visitors.  A fantastic place for the contemplation of murder and mayhem.

"I spent sixteen days on Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia one hot summer on pre-suppression detail.  (i.e., a bunch of us hung around sort of hoping something would catch on fire so we could get hazard pay.  A fire did break out, but the maintenance men had the audacity to put it out before we got there.) On the north end, where Al and I would stop our patrol to lunch, there was a small pond with a mama and fourteen baby gators. The babies were so cute, the unwary had taken to feeding them. When you walked to the edge of the pond all fourteen would come swimming eagerly over to your feet.  In a few years there should be some serious PBS moments happening at this pond."