Track of the Cat

Published 1993

A stunning mystery set against the high-country of the Guadalupe Mountains of West Texas.  Anna Pigeon has fled painful memories in New York to take a position as a ranger in the remote backcountry of West Texas only to discover murder and violence ...

Track of the Cat, the first in the Anna Pigeon series and winner of both the Anthony and the Agatha for best first novel, is set in Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas. 

"This is the book that gave Anna Pigeon life. Guadalupe Mountains was my second duty station with NPS. There were a couple of folks in Texas who really needed to be dead. I spent a lot of time wandering the back country wondering how I could kill them and get away with it. Fortunately, Anna Pigeon came along; otherwise I might be writing you this from the penitentiary."  Nevada



Top: Nevada on Gideon in the Guadalupe Mountains
Bottom: A view from the high country.  Nobody does bleak and beautiful like Texas!